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You hire us to save you time and effort and a simple fee of just 11% is the first way we do that!

Generally, property management costs in Australia range anywhere between 7% and 16% (!…in Perth), with all sorts of blends and recipes:

  • The standard management fees approach (or Plus Plus option): this is where there’s a base management fee percentage that’s applied to the rent collected…usually 7-10% depending on your agent, PLUS GST, PLUS Letting fee PLUS Admin fee PLUS Lease Renewal fees Plus etc etc.
  • The Bees Nees Flat Fee option is simply a management fee percentage of 11% that’s applied to the rent collected, with no PLUS’s except for when we perform non-property manager tasks, such as attending court and arranging major refurbishments. Brisbane property manager
  • The Bees Nees Flat Fee option means you are NOT CHARGED for Letting fees, advertising, lease renewal, inspection fees, or other types of fees associated with normal day to day property management functions.
  • Most clients prefer the Flat Fee Option because it can save you a few dollars whilst adding better certainty and clarity. Your budgeting is simple. Click through to this spreadsheet to see how it can save you money.

Bees Nees City Realty offer both fee options to our clients – both with our full property management service from an experienced team. Please let us know if we you’d like us to get started with the management of your property – we’d love to help.

Please call our office on 07 3214 6899, 0401 917 594, email us or click through to the online Management Form.