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What the Census tells us about inner Brisbane!

Us property data nerds love to see the ABS Census each 5 years because it tells us so much about inner Brisbane and the demand for our housing.  And today’s first release of their 2021 results gives us a fresh look at who’s who in our inner-city suburbs. Here’s some of their latest:

  • 292,245 residents call inner-Brisbane home (up a whopping 42,000 or 17% since 2016) and they have a median age of 34
  • There’s an average of 2.2 residents in each home; a third are single person households with another third home to just 2 people
  • Around a third of those over 15 are married (incl same sex couples) and another 17% in a de facto relationship
  • 53% live in an apartment or townhouse, 47% in a house
  • 87% of these households have one or more cars
  • 56,000 of inner Brisbane dwellings are owner-occupied; 64,000 are rented
  • Around one third of our residents were born outside Australia with Brits and Kiwis the most common; China pipped India for 3rd spot so unsurprisingly Mandarin is the 2nd most spoken language
  • 50% says they have no religious beliefs while 40% consider themselves Christians

So that’s a lot of stats! How do inner-Brisbanites stand out from the rest of the nation?:

  • we’re younger by heaps: 34 compared with the national average of 38
  • 55% of us live in a dwelling of 2 or less bedrooms, compared to 24% of all Australians
  • we’re far more likely to be renting (around 53% v 31%)

There’s some gems in there to guide property investors looking to better understand their marketplace.

#Note: “Brisbane Inner City” is an ABS Level 4 Statistical Area, covering roughly a 4-5km radius of our CBD