Brisbane's sales market

Useful Facts Without Opinions: Brisbane dwelling prices up 15% in 2021

Brisbane home prices have already risen 15.3% this year (18.3% in the past 12 months), with CoreLogic’s August National home value index showing big price jumps for both our apartments and houses.

  • Brisbane apartment prices rose 1.4% in August to now be up 8.9% on the same time last year. This rate of growth has doubled since June.
  • At a median of $426,000 they’re just over half the price of a Sydney apartment ($826,000)
  • The Index reports Brisbane’s median house prices rose another 2.1% during the month, up 20.2% in a year.
  • Home price growth for the past year was biggest in Hobart with an astonishing 24.5% and Canberra at 22.5%. The Index showed the nation’s median home price rose 18.4% over the year.
  • Rental yields for a Brisbane apartment remain one of the nation’s strongest at 5%, well ahead of the average 3.7%.

Listings are not keeping up with demand, according to CoreLogic’s Tim Lawless: “Although there has recently been a trend towards fewer buyers, the past three months has seen the number of home sales remain 30% above the five-year average at a time when active listings are -29% below average.”

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