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Useful Facts Without Opinions: Inner-city residents aren’t neighbourly!

The idea of these columns is to bring you simple facts about inner-Brisbane, its property market and lifestyle, and we made a vow to keep our opinions out of these ones and just report the stats as we find them. So here’s some controversial data from the ABC’s “Australia Talks” research!

Inner-metro residents of Australia don’t know our neighbours as well as those who live in the burbs, and nowhere near as well as those in rural areas of our nation. Despite living much closer together, only 55% of us said we know many of them by name!

The 2021 Australia Talks National Survey asked more than 60,000 Australians about their attitudes, behaviours and experiences.

So please share your thoughts – Do you know your neighbours? Are us city-dwellers really that unfriendly??!

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“I know many of my neighbours by name”: ABC Australia Talks