Spring Hill

Spring Hill Real Estate Agent’s Spring Market Update

Price optimism grows as Spring Hill houses push past $1m


The noticeable spike in the graphs is Spring Hill’s median house price, rising to an all-time high. More activity in the higher end of the market (and less sales of unrenovated workers cottages) now sees the local median comfortably over $1 million.

Local apartments owners are also witnessing some sale price rises as well. Again this is partly due to less ‘cheapy’ sales but demand for many of the our 1 bedroom apartments has been solid. There have been 35 one bedroom settlements so far in 2020, with all achieving good prices for their respective buildings. For example a “Tribeca” apartment sold at $280,000 last year now, with a similar one in that building now reaching $315,000. Hopefully this greater interest at the lower end of the market helps push prices in the middle range of Spring Hill apartments.