Brisbane's sales market

Useful facts without opinions: Brisbane home prices over the past decade

The year and the decade are over and the latest research confirms local property owners have officially had a below average return with Brisbane home prices trailing much of the country. Corelogic RPData have released their stats:

  • the price of Brisbane dwellings rose 0.3% in 2019 (0.4% for houses and 0.1% for units)
  • this compares with a 2019 average increase of 2.3% across Australia, Sydney and Melbourne again leading with 5.3% price growth in both cities
  • the 2010’s will be remembered as a decade when growth in Brisbane prices continued to be talked about, but not realised. The decade saw a total increase of 8.5% in our prices. (Our current median is $500,033)
  • this was well below the national average decade growth of 33%
  • the gap between Brisbane home prices and those in Sydney has stretched further, with the harbour city up 67% over the decade
  • Brisbane outperformed only Darwin and Adelaide in the capital city stakes, with both those towns recording price drops for the past 10 years

Please share your opinions on Brisbane home prices. What will the 2020’s bring for our fair city?!