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Craigston Spring Hill a living piece of history

217 Wickham Terrace Spring Hill

Spring Hill is once again a corner stone in the rich history Brisbane City has to offer. Scattered among many pockets around the city, live heritage listed structures that share some incredible stories of years gone by. Easily one of the most iconic is the Craigston Spring Hill Apartments. Craigston sits adjacent to the King Edward Park, as well as the old Wind Mill and the Spring Hill Reservoir.

The history begins in the Mid 1920’s when Dr Sydney McDonald arranged to construct the first multi-level building in Brisbane. It was designed for residential living for practicing doctors as well as office and theater space. The Craigston Pty Ltd was created and appointed architects Atkinson & Conrad to  design the building, with constructions allocated to builder and engineer, Walter Taylor.

Wickham Terrace has a long history for being the Medical District of Brisbane since the 1880’s. Fast forward a few years and the second phase of development began. The construction of Craigston commenced, along with Ballow Chambers and Wickham House; also medical institutes.

The Craigston Spring Hill stands out for its use of the Spanish Mission Style design, which is rarely used on apartment buildings. With the arched entryway, unique windows, terracotta tiled roof and a private roof top garden offering views of the Brisbane City and neighboring Parklands. Since 1927 the only update of the exterior was closing off the balconies. Looking inside you’ll find dark-stained silky oak on many of the fixtures, both in apartments and in common areas like the elevator. The well built and designed elevator has serviced the building for 92 years with Dr Sydney McDonald’s original brass name plate fixed next to the level he resided on.

With the elaborate historical features, you can’t deny the mark it’s already left on Brisbane and it’s rightly been heritage listed. The Craigston has been around for many years and apartments have rarely changed ownership

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Craigston Spring Hill Craigston Spring Hill

Craigston Spring Hill Craigston Spring HillCraigston Spring Hill