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Useful Facts Without Opinions: How long do we own our homes?

If you’ve been in your current home for more than 10 years it’s about time¬†you moved! According to the latest data from CoreLogic Australians on average own a unit for 9.6 years and a house for 11.3 years. Here’s some more of their new stats:

  • Brisbane’s unit owners keep their property for an average 9.8 years, second longest only to Perth where they hold them for 10.8 years
  • We keep our houses for 11.3 years here in Brisvegas. Melbournians are the nation’s slowest to move, staying put for 12.5 years.
  • Over the past decade the national average has risen almost 4 years for houses and 3 years for units. CoreLogic’s Cameron Cusher says they expect this trend to continue¬† in coming years.

Share your thoughts in the comments – do Aussies stay in their homes too long?? (asks the hopeful real estate agent!!)