Highgate Hill, South Brisbane and South Bank, West End

4101 rental market updates: Brisbane’s most expensive rental homes

We continue to be impressed by the demand from tenants, and the March quarter stats show a return to the record high median rent of $530 per week – making this Brisbane’s most expensive postcode on a par with the CBD. This was first achieved four years ago so it’s premature for  landlords to celebrate. But our property managers continue to negotiate small increases from
most renewing tenants, and there is no question demand for this part of Brisbane’s inner-city is strong and growing.

Our local rental market notched up a milestone in the March quarter – there are now 10,000 rental homes in this postcode! When you consider we had just 7,000 at the start of 2017 you might get a better sense of how rapid the expansion has been. New apartment towers have changed the landscape of this peninsula, bringing thousands of new residents to our neighbourhood.

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Note: RTA stats quoted here cover all of postcode 4101 including Highgate Hill, South Brisbane and West End

South Brisbane property management

South Brisbane property management