Brisbane's sales market

Useful Facts Without Opinions: Brisbane home prices

Brisbane home prices fell during March, according to the latest Core Logic Hedonic Home Value Index. Here’s all their latest numbers:

  • The past 12 months saw home prices down 8.2% on the 8 Capital Cities aggregate across Australia
  • Brisbane’s dwelling prices dropped 0.6% in March and are now 1.3% lower than at the same time last year (Sydney’s homes led the price drops with a 10.9% decrease, followed by Melbourne -9.8%. Hobart home prices grew by 6% over the past year)
  • The Index reports Brisbane apartments fell 1.4% during the past quarter, while our house prices shed 1.1%
  • Rental yields for a Brisbane apartment are reported at 5.4%, well ahead of the capital city average of 4.4%. Sydney investors get just a 4% rental yield.

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