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West End sales market update: Demand grows for larger apartments

While these statistics show up until the end of June, we are definitely speeding towards the backend of the year. West
End sales market has seen its fair share of new apartment developments over the last decade, but the volume of new apartments coming are starting to slow down, with less development approvals being submitted and the current projects nearing completion. While there are still new developments in the pipeline, this volume has drastically reduced.
And buyers seem to be taking notice, with stronger enquiry and a realisation that there are some great properties available to purchase at the moment. We are still seeing a demand for large apartments as a more affordable family home alternative close to the lifestyle opportunities that West End offers, as well as the always present attraction of Brisbane State High, St Lawrence’s and Somerville House schools. The median house price is still hovering over the million dollar mark, with the apartment median at $525,000 to the end of the financial year.

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Note: our graphs track the sales stats 3 months in arrears only as it takes this long for fully accurate records to finalise.

West End real estate agents

West End real estate agents