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Highgate Hill sales market update: Buyers are keeping a keen eye out!

With the median price finishing up under the million dollar mark in 2017 for houses in Highgate Hill real estate market, we have seen a return of the median price back over the million, currently sitting at $1,097,500 half way through the year. Sales turnover is sitting just below average with 17 homes settled. Demand is staying high but the number of homes on the market are low. Highgate Hill remains desirable due to the nature and size of the housing with the school catchment area playing a key factor in the market value, and buyers are keeping a keen eye out for properties new to the market.

The number of apartment sales are slightly down, and there has been a drop also in the median price for apartments by -13%. Buyers are closely monitoring the market and are acting quickly where they see value.

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Note: our graphs track the sales stats 3 months in arrears only as it takes this long for fully accurate records to finalise

Highgate Hill real estate agents

Highgate Hill real estate agents