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Useful facts without opinions: Brisbane population

Where will you be on Wednesday June 30th in the year 2066? The ABS has just released new projections for the Brisbane population on that day and they make interesting reading:

  • Brisbane’s current 2.4m residents will double to 4.8m (and that’s using the ‘medium” assumptions – the higher estimates would see us reach 5.8m!)
  • On that day Brisbane will be home to more than half of Queensland’s population with 55% of our residents
  • The (legal) boats will keep coming: this city will receive 60% of the state’s net overseas migration
  • Conversely the ABS predict new arrivals from other states will more and more choose to live in other parts of Queensland (down from the 68% who currently stay in the capital, to 45% by 2066)
  • Queenslanders will be older in 2066. Our median age is forecast to rise from 37 to 43, with the proportion of over-85’s doubling in that time. (Hopefully I’ll be one of them!)

Share your comments? Looking forward to our growth and the year 2066 or would you prefer we build a wall?!