Auchenflower, Toowong

Toowong & Auchenflower sales market updates: Slight increase in prices and demand

The Toowong & Auchenflower sales market could be seen as a bit of a quiet achiever, with some great renovation gems to be found, and solid 6 & 8 pack apartment blocks with roomy apartments ripe for adding value. There has been a trickle of modern developments in pockets around Toowong, and if you have stepped foot into the area in the last year you will have seen the HI VIS banners of Tradies hard at work. There seems to be something for everyone in these suburbs, and with the location so close to the CBD and good transport options, it is no wonder that prices of property and the demand is stable though with a slight increase.
The CBD and surrounding inner city suburbs have seen a boom of development that has done amazing things for the city as whole. The effects gradually radiate outwards, which is great news for the surrounding suburbs. This is creating confidence for both buyers and sellers in this locale.

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Note: our graphs track the sales stats 3 months in arrears only as it takes this long for fully accurate records to finalise.

Auchenflower real estate agents

Auchenflower real estate agents