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Useful facts without opinions: Spring Selling in Brisbane

The team at Bees Nees Realty love nothing better than a good myth-busting! And the idea that Spring selling can net you a big premium on your sales price has never sat right with us. Plenty of agents are filling your letterbox and Facebook feed with this promise right now: buyers are back out of their hibernation; the sun is shining; you should sell now!

So we did some data diving from the past 4 years, using two inner-Brisbane suburbs where there’s been relatively little new construction (so transaction numbers that are fairly ‘pure’). Paddington and Highgate Hill are well-established and always in high demand – we know it’s not the whole of Brisbane but we don’t have a team of analysts so this will have to do you! Here’s what the facts tell us:

  • Autumn was the busiest season with an average 110 transactions; Spring was really close with 109.
  • Summer was the quietest period, with an average 71 properties changing hands (holidays and days at the beach seem to interrupt home-hunting…)
  • most of us will brave a home inspection on those freezing Brisbane Winter days, with 84 homes selling on average in that season.

For now (and this sample at least) it looks like the Spring selling season is not quite as super-charged as some might have you believe. But clearly Summer is quieter so you really should sell now. By calling our sales team!!

And please share your opinions on the Spring Selling myth!

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