Highgate Hill

Saint Laura Café Highgate Hill

I came across this unassuming café whilst walking the streets doing my weekly letterbox drops. It was 6:15am and through the morning dawn, a warm light illuminated the footpath. As I walked closer, I could see what looked like a counter with a coffee machine.

Could this actually be a coffee shop in the middle of a Highgate Hill suburban street?

Nothing but houses as far as the eye could see yet a coffee shop I’ve never looked at before. No fancy illuminated lights or signs, just a simple window print ‘Saint Laura’. If I didn’t take a closer look, I could’ve walked past and never given it a second look.

The next morning my curiosity got the better of me and I popped to have a coffee and light breakfast. After walking in, was politely greeted by 2 staff at the counter saying ‘come ín’!

I ordered my usual grab, a skinny latte and walked through admiring the elegant character interior. Ended up outside wanting a breath of fresh air in a green, leafy and simplistic outdoor setting. Decided to try the Fruit and Fig toast with Lemon Butter, simple but a generous 2 slices of toasted bread that was just to my liking, yum.

I could keep going but I’m no foodie, so I’ll save that for the readers. What I will say is that if you are looking for a local suburban café off the beaten track that is hidden to avoid the ‘Suburban Tourists’ then this is the place for you.

Saint Laura Café, 49 Laura Street, Highgate Hill Q 4101

Mark is the Bees Nees specialist for Highgate Hill and makes it his business to know every street and backstreet!

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