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4101 rental market update: 2300 rentals added to local market in just 2 years!

Brisbane’s inner city suburbs are home to around a quarter of Brisbane rentals yet it mightn’t surprise that they account for almost half our growth. We see this every day in our property management team, our leasing managers helping tenants move from the burbs. And new arrivals choosing to stay close to our work and entertainment hubs. Streets that were quiet and dull after dark are now filled with apartment buildings, cafes and bars. In the 4101 postcode we’ve witnessed a 37% leap in rental supply in just 2 years. Adding more than 2300 extra tenancies to one small neighbourhood leads to extraordinary change.

Healthy tenant demand has seen much of this new apartment supply absorbed and the latest vacancy data shows we’re returning to a more balanced market. Landlords do need to be competitive – there are still a couple of large developments under construction in South Brisbane and West End – but median rents are reflecting this resilience in the market.

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Note: RTA stats quoted here cover all 3 suburbs in postcode 4101.

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