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7 things your agent wished you knew about selling your Brisbane property!

Open communication with your real estate agent is always going to be the most effective way to sell your property. But sometimes that’s easier said than done! Your agent may have competition for your business and knows others can be inclined to ‘sugar-coat’ to get the job. You’re wanting the best possible price so you’re not in a rush to point out problems with the property. So even when there’s plenty of mutual trust, lots of important ‘stuff’ might go unsaid. So here’s some insight from an agent’s perspective:

1. Do the repairs! When they’re appraising a property, advising on a sale and pitching for business, some agents can be reluctant to do you a list of things that need fixing. But presentation is critical in a sale and those handful of minor jobs can make a big difference to your buyer response and price. Have the scuffed walls repainted, pressure clean outdoor surfaces, have splashbacks and tiles re-grouted. These are small investments in achieving the best possible result.

2. On the other hand your agent hopes you know that brand new kitchen might not pay for itself in the sale. Many of us can be guilty of adding renovation expenses to our purchase cost, arriving at a price the property owes us. But buyers will find a value relative to others in the market, regardless of your total expense. It can be hard news for an agent to deliver a client when they’ve put blood, sweat, tears and lots of dollars into a home.

3. Presentation and cleanliness are next to real estate godliness! Buyers have completely unrealistic expectations of what they can get for their money – and so they should! They’re aspirational with their home-hunting, hoping this new property will bring them all kinds of happiness. So if there’s dishes in the sink or unmade beds or overflowing laundry baskets it might just look like the place they already call home! We want to paint a picture of a better life and the cleaner, brighter, fresher and better presented it can be, the more buyers will smile as they wander through. (We all know it’ll be back to ‘normal’ a week after they move in!)

4. Please don’t hide things from us. If there’s been termites in the stumps, let’s deal with it. Buyers will find out later and you might end up in a weaker negotiating position. Every property has its shortcomings and working through them, discussing how to re-focus buyers on its strengths, is an important role for your agent.

5. Your old armchair might be comfy, but…! Sometimes you need to take ‘yourself’ out of your home, removing the personal items to open up a buyer’s imagination and allow them to mentally fill the spaces in for themselves. Less is almost always more so remove excess furniture, the knick knacks and the badminton trophies from 1994. Your agent wants to help you see the property as a buyer would, so ask for their advice on this. And don’t take their feedback personally!

6. Understand this process might take some time. The latest REIQ stats show it’s taken an average 61 days to sell a Brisbane apartment this year, and 34 days for a house. You might achieve a sale much quicker and a combination of the right presentation, promotion, price and agent will speed this up. But it rarely happens in the first few days, so take a deep breath and have some patience!

7. Please don’t shoot the messenger! The best agents will bring you plenty of feedback from the market and this includes the things buyers don’t like about your property. It can be nasty medicine to take, but understanding this really does help you and your agent better position the place for a sale. We’re all naturally defensive of our home or investment – we’ve spent a lot of money and often poured our hearts into our bricks and mortar. A home can be a very spiritual place and good agents respect that. But they aren’t doing their job if they don’t share the full story with you.

Finding an agent who’s got a track record of results is important, but we’d argue the best one for you is the agent who’s earned your trust. The one you can confide in and have this open communication to lead to a better result. Not just the one who tells you how comfy that lounge chair looks!

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