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Useful facts without opinions: Census profile of inner Brisbane

Every property stats geek loves the ABS Census and the ongoing release of their 2016 results paints a better picture of our inner-city suburbs. Here’s some of their latest data:

  • 250,207 residents call inner-Brisbane home and they have a median age of 33 (compared to the national median of 38).
  • There’s an average of 2.3 residents in each home and more than half have never married.
  • 58% live in an apartment or townhouse, 41% in a house and they have an average of 1.5 cars per household
  • 49% of inner-Brisbanites live in a 1 or 2 bedroom dwelling, compared to 24% of all Australians
  • 89% of them access the internet from home
  • They’re twice as likely to be uni graduates compared to the average Aussie (a third have tertiary qualifications)
  • More than one third were born outside Australia with Poms and Kiwis the most common, and Mandarin is the 2nd most spoken language