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The 4 questions Brisbane real estate agents will ask you at open homes

Some Saturdays there’s a positive energy at the open home crowds. Home buyers are finding what they like and can afford, and the mood is upbeat. Other days of course things mightn’t be going so well and that rush from one inspection to the next can just be plain stressful (where is that street, where do I park, why are they all on at the same time???!!). You just want to take a quick look, rule it out or maybe in, then get back on the road.

And then us pesky real estate agents keep asking you all those questions! So if you’re ready to dive into your home search here’s what you’ll hear and why we’re asking!:

Have you been looking for long? The salesperson is trying to work out if you’re new to the market, or know what you’re after and are into the short-listing stage. We’ll share more info if you’ve just started, help you get your head around the features. If you’re 6 month into your home hunting we’ll cut to the chase and be keen to know why you haven’t yet found the right place. Your feedback on the home you’re inspecting will be really valuable (you’re a well-informed buyer).
How to answer: Honestly – we can help you far better if we know.

Are you searching for a home for yourself or an investment? Buyers tend to open up for us with this one and tell us a bit about their reason for moving. If we know you need a bigger home than you have we can point out features that help. If you’re investing the rental track record will be of interest. If you have place to sell first, well, we always love to meet new potential clients too!
How to answer: You don’t need to share private details if you’re uncomfortable, but we can tailor the info on the home if we know what your search is about. Experienced agents can often see and suggest what will suit a buyer before they even recognise it themselves.

Brisbane real estate agentHow does this compare with what you’ve seen? We’re really asking – are you a buyer for this? Of course we’d love it if you are but here’s what agents want you to know: If this place is not for you we still want to hear all the good, the bad and the ugly about what you think. This helps us provide our seller clients with rich feedback. You can’t offend us – we’re independent and keen to know how you think this property compares. No home is perfect and better understanding the strengths and weaknesses is a huge help to us in our marketing.
How to answer: Please, please share! On behalf of every real estate agent, we beg you to please tell us honestly what you think. But if there’s something you really don’t like it’s polite to share that info out of earshot from other buyers. We’ve all had an obnoxious visitor to an open house who wants to point out its short-comings at the top of their voice so everyone can hear them (this is the closest a suit-wearing, smiling agent can come to turning full feral and causing an injury!!).

What do you think of the price? Some of the best market research we collect for our sellers comes from this question. Especially if you’ve been looking for a while and already told us it’s not quite right for you (so you’re giving an opinion without agenda). As agents we look at property in all price ranges while home buyers are generally focused on a tight price band, style of home and cluster of suburbs. After a couple of weeks of solid looking you really are a market expert.
How to answer: If you’ve just started looking or don’t really know (some properties are tricky to price) then just say you’re not sure. Usually we’re not after a specific number – just a “yep, the price seems fair” , or “maybe a bit high” or even “tell him he’s dreamin”,  is a big help to us.

We know the repetitive questions can get dull after you’ve been to 14 open homes, and most of us are home-owners who’ve done our own Saturday traipse arounds. We feel your pain. You mightn’t feel inclined to chat but I can promise it could shorten the search for you, give you more relevant info and help uncover some of the gem listings for you.

And one day down the track you’ll be selling your home and hoping buyers will share their honest feedback with you and your agent!