Brisbane's sales market

Useful facts without opinions: Brisbane’s auction market

Compared to our southern cousins Brisbane’s real estate professionals aren’t big proponents of auction as a selling method for residential property. Here’s some interesting stats from Core Logic’s latest report this:

  • there were 129 auctions held in Brisbane over this past week, compared with 918 in Syd-en-ey and 1,050 in Melbourne
  • those numbers were similar to the same week a year earlier, with 175, 816 and 1029 auctions respectively in 2016
  • Brisbane’s number of auctions is consistently lower and so too is our clearance rate or the percentage that sell at auction (many do go on to be sold after auction but aren’t included in this stat)
  • this past week Brisbane had a clearance rate of 31% while Sydney’s agents sold 73% of the properties put to auction and Melbourne 72%
Brisbane real estate agents

graph: Core Logic