Brisbane's sales market

Navigating the online maze – 3 tips for Brisbane home buyers

searching Brisbane real estateHere’s a statistic that might surprise: in 7 of our agency’s last 10 sales, we’ve had multiple offers for the owners to consider. More than one buyer submitted a written offer and there was competition to secure the home. So looking for an inner-Brisbane property, even in what is undoubtedly a buyers’ market for apartments, can come with some challenges. In many areas there’s actually a shortage of stock on the market, so good property at fair prices can sell quickly. Here’s some insider’s tips on finding your perfect home or investment:

  • Get onto real estate agents’ databases: If you’d like to know what’s coming up before it hits the inter-world, contact active agents in your preferred neighbourhoods. This agency has a weekly VIP Alert where we give our buyer database a chance to hear about and inspect new listings before they’re launched to the market. We often have owners wanting to sell but unsure if they’re up for a full campaign, and their properties are offered off-market to our database. There’s some excellent opportunities, often with far less competition from other buyers. Sellers can save thousands with this method so buyers often share the benefits.
  • Think for yourself when you’re online: Newsflash! Property websites make their money from hooking sellers into upgraded advertisements and those with the biggest budgets will appear at the top of your search results. So instead of letting the search sort to the default setting of “Most relevant” or “Featured”, try sorting by price. You might find something that suits for less than you expected when you scroll through by price order. It’s also a great way to find out what a seller really wants when there’s an auction or no advertised price, as they have to authorise the search price in the back end of the online listing.
  • And here’s a tip that can absolutely save you thousands: Try sorting the online search results by oldest listing first. Usually after 30 or 45 days on the market that upgraded ad will expire and revert to a standard listing, and unless the seller coughs up more money it’ll be harder for you to find in those default-ranked results. So here’s the opportunity – When do you think many sellers adjust their asking prices if they’re not sold? Their competitively-priced listings, ripe for the picking, are tucked away in the basic web ads and missed by the vast majority of other home-buyers.

The online real estate space is dominated by very big businesses and they’re very efficient in driving advertising revenue from the market. As with many marketplaces, there’s huge opportunity for Brisbane home buyers who take a moment to think for themselves and consider their options.