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Spring Hill Neighbourhood Plan updated after 30 years!

Spring Hill, one of Brisbane’s first suburbs, is updating its neighbourhood plan for the first time in 30 years!

Spring Hill’s new neighbourhood plan pushes for less demolition and more growth for the established character and heritage filled suburb.  All while simultaneously expanding on its principle centre zones.  The neighbourhood plan encourages new development at higher densities close Brisbane CBD and emphasizes Boundary Street as Spring Hill’s centre.

North of Boundary Street will continue to be mainly residential. Council approvals on renovations from new roofs to verandas will help ensure the character buildings and homes built pre-1946 will keep their significant elements.  South of Boundary Street will be the new haven for a mixture of uses.  Astor Terrace will continue to evolve as a core entertainment zone, bringing people to Spring Hill both day and night.  The plan recognizes both medical and education in this zone and will accommodate grown.

These changes have been some time coming and included a lot of pubic consultation. Research for the Spring Hill Neighbourhood Plan started in February 2014 and the initial Spring Hill’s Renewal Strategy was drafted in October 2014.  The second review of the Neighbourhood Plan is underway by the Queensland Government now.  The new Neighbourhood Plan for Spring Hill reflects the unique heritage and character of one of the first established suburbs of Brisbane all while delivering opportunities for new development with subtropical architecture.  For more information on the Spring Hill neighbourhood plan for the Brisbane City Council  website.