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Home safety tips during the holidays

We’ve rounded up some of our top home safety tips to keep you and your family safe this holiday season!

Here are a few of our top home safety picks and simple reminders that you may find useful:

  • Turn off all Christmas lights before going to bed to avoid the risk of fire
  • Keep all decorative candles out of reach from children & animals – be sure to blow them out when finished
  • Be prepared for grease fires or cooking hazards – keep an extinguisher or fire blanket on site (we’re not always the chefs we think we are!)
  • Keep small decorations away from children & pets – they are a choking hazard that is easily avoided
  • An increase of theft usually occurs around the holidays, be sure to keep gifts out of view when leaving your home
  • Properly disposing and breaking down boxes will also ensure anyone driving past doesn’t know what cool gadgets you have inside
  • Guests coming over may not know that some tasty foods are actually toxic to your animal –┬áthis includes chocolate, nuts, and cooked chicken bones as they splinter (to name a few)
  • Be social media conscious if you are on vacation and your home is empty

Do you have any other home safety tips you’d like to add?┬áComment below!

And most of all, have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the new year!