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West Village Apartments display opens

West Village Apartments display suiteLove it or hate it, West End is growing and evolving. While there are still much-needed pockets of protected character housing in the suburb, there are also corridors of development offering the opportunity for affordable housing to everyday people wanting to live in this eclectic and culture-rich location so close the Queensland’s capital city.

There has been much talk around the West Village development on the Absoe site in Boundary Street West End, with conversations around green space and building heights, parking and keeping the feel of West End alive. Today we were privileged to have a tour of the Display Office for West Village which has just opened, showcasing the benefits of the end approved design.

The laneways and greenspace around the former Peters Ice Cream West Village West EndFactory, the protection of both the heritage buildings on site, and complementary redevelopment design around these iconic landmarks looks to have been well thought out, and while there will be several years before it is all complete, we will be waiting with baited breath to see the end outcome.

Their aim is to achieve a revitalisation and beautification of the main retail precinct in West End and we can’t wait to see the result!

West Village West End construction