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Water Charges in Brisbane Rental Properties

A common query that’s received here at Bees Nees City Realty from our new landlord clients is: “can I pass on the water charges to my tenant?” Simply put, yes you can, however there are two criteria that need to be met in order to pass on the full cost of the water bill. Those being;
– Is the property individually metered for water consumption?
– Does the property meet water efficiency standards?

Individual Metering

This first criteria is quite easy to find out, a quick look at your water bill will show whether you are paying for a full bill or a percentage of the whole buildings consumption (see below). These percentage amounts are very common in apartment buildings and results in the landlord paying for full water consumption as you are unable to quantify the exact amount the tenant uses.

Urban Utilities Brisbane Water Charges Example.

Brisbane Water Charges and Efficiency Standards

Brought into effect in 2005, the Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme was designed in order to reduce Australia’s water consumption, cost & carbon footprint. Since its inception the scheme has saved Australia annually more than 100,000 mega liters of water in domestic usage, 800,000 mega liters in commercial usage and reduced our GHG emissions by 400,000 tonnes, not to mention the savings in water bills. Governed by the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Act 2005 the scheme requires landlords to upgrade their fittings in the property to ensure they are at a high enough water efficiency standard. These fittings can include:

Plumbing products

– Showers
– Tap equipment
– Flow controllers

Sanitary ware

– Toilet (lavatory) equipment
– Urinal equipment

White goods

– Clothes Washing Machines
– Dishwasher

The cost of having these items installed can be quite small depending on the existing fittings and with the ability to then pass on the full water bill to the tenants, most landlords would see the benefit of having your property meet water efficiency standards. Please contact me if I can help with more information. The Bees Nees team are proud to be property managers for many water-efficient inner-Brisbane investment properties!