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Useful Facts Without Opinions: Queensland investors and negative gearing

Last month we invited you to take part in one of the largest surveys ever undertaken in Queensland on negative gearing. The Real Estate Institute of Queensland, through the client databases of members like us, probed current landlords on their view of this tax concession for property investors. While the Federal Opposition has a policy of limiting deductions to new property only, in recent days the Prime Minister appears to have thrown the government’s support behind maintaining the current system. So here’s what the REIQ heard in their investor survey:

  • 74% of the respondents currently plan to buy more investment properties
  • When asked, “If negative gearing benefits are removed will this change your decision to buy more property?” 79% said yes. Twenty-one per cent said no.
  • 24% said shares will become a more attractive investment option if negative gearing benefits are removed, while another 14% said they would consider selling their property to buy shares

Would you buy another investment property if you couldn’t claim your losses as a deduction? Please share your opinion with us in the comments.