Spring Hill

Spring Hill Heritage trail – stroll through history!

Want to get a taste of the rich history and heritage real estate this amazing suburb has to offer?

Brisbane City Council have compiled 21 stops on an interesting heritage trail through one of Brisbane’s oldest suburbs. Rather than concentrating on the many beautiful homes Spring Hill has to offer, tSpring hillhe trail focus’s on the lives of the everyday people who have called this suburb home throughout the years. Learn about how early Spring Hill residents battled the plague or the beginning of the famous Spring Hill baths, which were built to help alleviate the locals personal hygiene problems! Ideal for anyone with an interest in the neighbourhood or the history of our city. Next time you have an afternoon to kill head out, grab a coffee in one of our great cafes and saunter through Spring Hill!

Click here to check out Brisbane City Councils web page and your first stop on the tour.

Do you live in Spring Hill or have walked the Heritage Trail? Tell us what you think – we’d love to hear your comments!

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