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What tenants want from their agents: survey tips for landlords

Recently we published the results of our latest survey of inner-Brisbane tenants, a detailed look at the features in a rental property that will earn investors a higher return. With more than 505 responses this is a valuable tool for current and future landlords. A further part of our survey asked these tenants to tell us how their property managers could improve their service – and this also makes for important reading for landlords with some interesting tips!

As the agency’s client landlord’s should rightly deserve good service from your property manager. But the notable shift in the rental market over the past 10 years has been the increasing demand from tenants for higher service standards. And, in our opinion, rightly so. One respondent to the survey says they asked their agency to “Speak to us like adults not children”! And our survey results were full of tales of tenants feeling they aren’t valued or appreciated by their agents.

There’s an important role for a property manager to ensure a tenant complies with their obligations. Pays the rent, looks after the property. But sometimes in the training perhaps, property managers can forget that a rental home without a tenant, is of no value to the landlord or the agency! Here’s some more findings from our survey:

  • Maintenance continues to be a concern for lots of tenants. Getting landlords or agents, and sometimes both, to attend to maintenance is a common bugbear. One tenants says, “Small maintenance issues can snowball”. There was a huge number of responses about the time taken to attend to often trivial but annoying items.
  • Get with the times! Plenty of respondents wanted their property managers to use more technology. “Email rather than mail. Who checks their mailbox anymore?!” Other asked for more online information including payment histories.
  • Faster and more communication. Tenants want their emails and calls returned in reasonable time.
  • Provide more info on the property. A number of respondents said they value getting extra details like locations of safety switches (for that late night black-out for example) and also on the local amenities and even transport options.

As Brisbane’s inner-city rental market becomes more competitive, as new supply comes online, landlords need to ensure they’re competitive. Usually it’s tempting to look at our rent or the condition of the property and focus on these. But this survey again shows your tenants will also value good service from your property manager. It’s an important part of what they want and expect in a rental home.

How good is your agent’s service to your tenants?!