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Useful Facts Without Opinions: Brisbane's rental market

The latest stats are out on our rental market. The Residential Tenancies Authority records the rent when a new bond is lodged and each quarter we sit down to analyse the results and get a handle on emerging trends. Here’s the numbers for the June quarter:

– The RTA’s full count of bonds can provide interesting info as this is the only true measure of the size of our rental market. For example, these stats show the number of rental homes in Brisbane’s inner-city  has grown slightly slower over the past 10 years than the whole of Brisbane, rising 32% (to 35,126 dwellings) compared to a 34%  increase in the number of rentals across Brisbane.

– Across Brisbane median weekly rent for a 2 bed apartment dropped $10 to $400 in the June quarter – back to where it was in December

– Inner-city suburbs saw rents rise $5 to $495/week – pleasing for landlords perhaps, but only back to where we had already been in June of last year!

– We track 2 bed apartments as our ‘headline’ stats due to their dominance in the rental market: but for comparison Brisbane’s 3 bed houses dropped $10 to $420 per week over this last quarter

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