Highgate Hill

Highgate Hill house prices still on the rise

With the first quarter confirmation of the 2015 sales now in, it has been a slow start for Highgate Hill house sales, with only 11 settled sales recorded. Over the last couple of years turnover usually equates to just over 1 sale per week. Once again we have seen an increase of the median price for the start of 2015 to $995,000 up from $900,500 in 2014, and the median price for 2013 of $760,000, showing strong growth for houses in this area.

Apartment prices have not had such a dramatic change in the median price over the last couple of years. From $511,500 in 2013, to $500,000 in 2014, the first quarter for 2015 is showing us $527,500, with pricing relatively stable. New additions to the local apartment market, such as Sephora and the under-construction Highgate are adding a high quality edge to the apartment market in Highgate Hill. The first quarter of 2015 recorded 17 sales, 2014 finished at 80 – which was up from 72 in 2013.

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Note: our graphs track the sales stats quarterly in arrears only as it takes this long for fully accurate records to finalise