Brisbane's sales market

Why you need an agent to sell your home – and how to choose the right agent to represent you!

When you are looking at what is usually the largest asset you will ever own, don’t be tempted to try to sell it yourself. Why you ask? It’s not just because selling property is our business, it’s because it just makes good common sense! Savvy real estate agents also will use another real estate agent to sell their own property – because even if they are themselves a super salesperson, they know that it is important to have a third party handle the negotiations of a sale. When emotions get involved, achieving the highest price possible for your asset can be hindered.

But there are other reasons as well! A potential buyer will know that you are trying to sell privately and save money by not paying thousands in commission. So more often than not, they will just offer you less and negotiate harder with you to get a better deal. In the end, trying to sell your home yourself could means that you have to deal with the stress and hard work yourself, and then potentially end up with less money than what a skilled agent would have achieved for you! And higher solicitor fees for drafting and completing contracts…

So how do you find the right agent? It’s simple. Have at least three agents come and appraise your property. Interview them! Make a decision based on whether you feel they will represent your property in the market to its full potential, and you feel you can work well together. Employ an agent that understands your home, can acknowledge the positives and competently can manage the negatives. Do they know and focus on your area, and have a good track record of sales? Are they well presented, professional, yet friendly and enthusiastic? It is possible that agents of this caliber – because they are very good – are not the cheapest. There is a difference between what is cheap and getting value for money.

An agent that is prepared to negotiate their commission down just to secure the listing from you, has just shown you that they are not a skilled negotiator! Do you want an agent that will build value into your property and negotiate for you the best possible sales price, or one that will do anything just to get the sale at any price?