Real Estate Marketing

A picture tells a thousand words!

They say that good photography is a window to your property in its best light, and they could not be more right! With online advertising becoming increasingly the more dominant form of promotion for a property, a home must be given the best opportunity to show its qualities and owners should expect nothing less.

Unfortunately, you still see many properties hit the market using iPhone/iPad pictures. Talking to buyers on a regular basis, I’m often told that they will immediately rule out properties if they have poorly taken photos – dark, blurry, low resolution, etc, are on display, for the fact that it gives the impression that either the owners are simply not motivated to sell or have put in a half-hearted effort.  If the images don’t grab them they just don’t explore the property further!

Whether you have a 2-bed apartment in need of renovation, or a 4/5-bed contemporary house, a property has its best opportunity to attract a significantly larger number of buyers and thus generate enhanced competition if they see your home in its prime. Property photography company Top Snap conducted a survey on 600 real estate agents across the country and asked about how they advertise their properties. A huge 99% stated that professional photography is the most important aspect.  “Good photography can be the difference between a purchaser opening a web link or moving on to the next. Additionally, the way an office markets property directly reflects their professionalism to the public,” one respondent suggested. Within the same statistics, 89% suggested that good photography increases buyer enquiry.

In addition to digital advertising’s large grip on the market, having a signboard out front can attract that extra enquiry to enhance the opportunity to obtain a premium price. It can be very difficult to judge a property from the outside, particularly if the view is restricted by walls, fencing or trees, but with an eye-catching photographic sign, you can show off some of the key features to the buyers that are driving around the suburb trying to find their next home. Also a large number of local residents are prospective buyers who may love the area, or they may know someone who is interested in moving to the area, and nothing is more powerful than word of mouth.

It is of equal importance that any advertising or photography is not misleading – you cannot edit out power lines or advertise a beach view you don’t have! Explore what options you have to portray your property in its best light, while ensuring you do not over indulge financially when not necessary. You have many opportunities (dusk shoot, day shoot, etc) to consider, but remember what sold the property to you in the first place and a good agent will market your property to the kind of buyer you need to attract.

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Pictorial Signboard – showcasing the pool and house that is not visible from the street due to a rock wall and high timber fence


Professional photo of same kitchen taken by Realscope Photography