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Advertising for your property or your agent's profile?!

During the course of every day we speak to owners considering selling their properties. I am always surprised to hear some of the information I am told by potential sellers with relation to what other sales agents have told them they “must do” with regards to Vendor Paid advertising to list with that agency.

Now I know that in some cases agencies or brands have requirements put upon them to meet certain levels of advertising for agency branded magazines, newspapers etc, but do agents actual consider what is in the seller – and their potential client’s – best interests, or are they filling a “spot” to help build their brand profile…

I’m not trying to start a war, but it is no surprise that printed media is being used less and less as the age of technology is taking over in leaps and bounds! No longer do all potential buyers wait for the local paper or the Saturday morning real estate section to be delivered or picked up from the newsagency. Most open homes or inspections are slotted into a buyer’s calendar from the internet sites well before the weekend.

In our market at least – that’s inner-city Brisbane – newspaper advertising is largely unnecessary for most residential property.

So what does that mean for you potential sellers out there? Yes, in some areas printed media still has their place, but it is driving less and less enquiry to your door. Purely and simply the internet is a must and there are a few different options out there with the main sites like, and, but sellers need to do their research too! Do they need an expensive upgrade at the cost of thousands of dollars, or will a standard listing or another upgrade option still get them high enough on the search pages to generate solid enquiry.

Sellers, don’t be afraid to question the agents that you have come to appraise your property and discuss costs and fees. If they can explain and show you why they are recommending various marketing options, and what they are suggesting is proven to bring results, fantastic. If they can’t… are they the right agent for you?

And of course I’d love to help you, with a well-planned and relevant promotional campaign, if you are considering selling! Please call me, Rebecca Herbst on 0431 608422 or