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Useful Facts Without Opinions: Brisbane’s rental marketplace

Once a year we get a look at some key stats on the changing face of Queensland’s rental marketplace when the Residential Tenancies Authority spits out their annual report. Holding every rental bond they’re in the best spot to observe the trends, so here’s some notes from this week’s report:

• 34% of Queensland’s private dwellings are rented, the highest proportion in the nation – there’s 513,415 rental homes in this state

• The RTA holds bonds totalling $701m (and yes the government gets the interest on these)

• The median length of a tenancy is 13.1 months, with tenants in houses staying longer than units (14.9 months versus 12.4 months)

• The RTA received 27,036 requests for dispute resolution in 2013-14 (representing approx 5% of tenancies)

• When both parties participated in the RTA’s resolution process 78% of these were resolved without going to Tribunal

• Disagreements over bonds accounted for 49.9% of disputes