West End

Green Park vs Three Lanes Project

If you’ve been watching this space (the site at 68 Vulture Street), you may well have heard of the Three Lanes Project. A project set to home a new public plaza, shops, offices and restaurants on the lower floors and residential apartments above. Conveyed as a colourful and vibrant public space, it’s certainly an exciting prospect.

However it’s been noted that outdoor dining areas are not the same as public space and the Brisbane City Council has submitted a notice of intention to acquire the development site with plans to build a park instead. One of the reasons for this change in direction being that West End is set to become a residential hotspot and will rapidly increase in density and a major concern is a lack of public space. But will another park, really make that much of a positive difference?

Whatever the outcome; an artistic piece of great urbanism or a haven of greenery, either is still a needed development, where currently lies a waste of space. Whichever project wins in the end, it will certainly help in raising the profile of the West End to varying degrees.