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How noisy is your street?

Brisbane’s inner city is a busy place. We’ve got freeways and train lines. Early morning rubbish trucks and shouting cyclists. Construction sites, cafes and nightclubs. There’s still plenty of trees and greenery but this is hardly a place to go if you’re wanting to live with the sounds of bird-song. Putting up with some city noise is one price we pay for being close to these amenities and this fabulous lifestyle. But how much noise is too much?

Tenants and home-buyers alike make their own judgements on things like traffic noise when they’re home-hunting but it can be very hit and miss. Time of day or even day of week variances are an issue. So what if you had an online tool that told you how noisy a particular spot would be?

Victoria’s Environmental Protection Agency has just commissioned a “noise map” of Melbourne city in an Australian first. WSP Acoustics told API Magazine they’ve built a 3D map that includes hard areas such as roads, buildings, bridges. “We then populate the model with data that is provided by the EPA and other government bodies. Roads for example may include how many vehicles travel each day, what is the speed, the pavement type and how many heavy vehicles.”

The study then measured noise levels near road and rail corridors at various times of day and night. The end result? “We’re calculating the noise level for every floor on every façade for the Greater Melbourne region.”

Remarkable stuff. Apparently it’s not an uncommon study in other parts of the world so let’s hope Brisbane might soon have its own noise map. It’d be a great tool for planning new residential developments in our city – and even just working out if you would be happy to call a place home for a 12 month tenancy.