Brisbane's sales market

Useful Facts Without Opinions: How many homes are selling?

Sales prices get reported often enough and are the hot topic at any weekend barbecue we go to. But to us the more relevant question is: How many homes are selling? Most of us sell to either move home, or cash-in our investments. So the market demand or take-up rate is usually critical to our ability to do this. The other reason sales volumes are rarely reported is the lag needed to record this accurately. The Real Estate Institute of Qld has just released their Market Monitor for the June quarter:

• Brisbane’s house sales volumes were up by more than 30% on the March quarter, and up 44% for the year

• Brisbane’s numbers of unit and townhouse sales increased 26% compared to the June quarter last year and were up 21% compared to the March quarter this year

• “The June quarter historically yields the lowest numbers of residential sales activity during the year but this data shows house sales are notably much higher compared to the same three months in 2012”

Please share your thoughts on the current market. Does it seem busier to you?