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Federal govt dumbing down real estate profession

If you had a group of people handling the largest asset most of us ever own, would you want them to have more education or less? Do you think real estate agents have too much knowledge, too much training and too much professionalism? Apparently those experts in Canberra think we’re expecting too much to ask intending real estate agents to study hard – and they’re going to lower the requirements.

Apparently real estate agents are over-trained. Who’d have thought?

In a move to introduce national licensing of our profession the federal government is proposing a uniform education requirement, lowering the current standards for many states. The idea was first floated more than a year ago and while we wrote about it here we didn’t really expect them to do it. Where was the consumer – or industry – call for this to happen? But last week the National Licensing Steering Committee released its 264-page Decision Regulatory Impact Statement on national licensing. (Must be well-educated people to be able to bring that report in to such a concise size).

They’re serious about this happening. And the industry, largely ignored in the government’s token consultation, watches with open mouths. We want more training, not less. We want real estate agents to be skilled, aware and involved. To provide expert service in the sale and management of property. And we know this is what consumers expect too.

It just proves how out of touch some of these people really are.