Brisbane's sales market

Useful facts without opinions: Brisbane home prices

Are they up? Or down? Which way will they go next? How quickly? So many questions and so few answers… Everyone wants to know what’s happening with our home prices so here’s the latest from the RPData-Rismark Daily Home Value Index Results.

  • Brisbane dwelling prices rose 0.1% in June to be up 0.6% for the financial year
  • We’re lagging behind most Australian capital cities: on average they were up 1.9% for June and 3.8% for the year
  • Brisbane houses outperformed units for the year with 0.9% growth compared to a drop in unit prices of 1.8%
  • At $425,000 Brisbane’s median dwelling price is now $155,000 cheaper than the nation’s dearest city, Sydney. Only Adelaide and Hobart are cheaper than us…

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