Brisbane landlords

The importance of vetting tenant applications!

We recently had a tenant apply for one of our rental properties. She sent through the application as normal and listed contact names for a “private landlord” and a mobile number for her “payroll manager”.

I called both the numbers but immediately felt that something wasn’t quite right. Having processed more applications than I care to remember the answers just weren’t what I wanted to hear.   The company’s name had been listed on the application and also the address of the property where she currently lived. A quick Google search and call to the company’s landline revealed that the “pay roll manager” was a pigment of somebody’s imagination!

Having searched the QLD title registry a different owner of the property was listed. Cue alarm bells and an unsuccessful application.   What this story highlights is that by following vetting procedures and using a professional to manage your property (someone experienced who has experience in picking up subtle clues), you are limiting the chances of ending up with a nasty tenant.

Who knows what this tenant’s past was or what they planned to do once they had successfully hoodwinked a landlord and moved into somebody’s investment.