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Useful Facts Without Opinions: Inner Brisbane’s rental market

The latest stats are out on our rental market. The Residential Tenancies Authority records the rent when a new bond is lodged and each quarter we sit down to analyse the results and get a handle on emerging trends. Here’s the number for the March quarter released this week:

  • Across Brisbane median weekly rent for a 2 bed apartment rose $5 to $395
  • Inner-city suburbs saw rents sneak back $12 to $470/week
  • Over the past year the inner-city suburbs have had rent growth of 3.3%, compared to greater Brisbane’s 1.3% rise
  • We track 2 bed apartments as our ‘headline’ stats due to their dominance in the rental market: but for comparison Brisbane’s 3 bed houses have remained at $400 per week for the past 15 months
  • March was a busy time for tenancy changeovers; it’s always the busiest quarter but 2013 saw 4% more bonds lodged than 2012
  • By law all bonds held for a rental home must be lodged with the RTA, so their full count can provide interesting info: e.g. Our inner-city (just 21 suburbs) is home to 24% of Brisbane’s rental pool, with almost 33,000 rented dwellings
  • This inner-city rental supply grew by 124 dwellings in the March quarter; postcode 4000 rose by just 14 homes

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