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Space saving for modern homes: Fresh design ideas

Stop for just a moment and think about each room in your home. How often is that room used? Is it a spare bedroom (the ABS says 78% of Australian households have at least one)? Is it a formal dining room, last used when we hosted Saturday night dinner parties and sat down to Sunday lunch roast?

It’d be fair to say many of us pay for a lot of home that we rarely use. Not just when we buy it, but to maintain, cool, light and clean. So why are home-buyers so obsessed with the volume of space? It’s every second question an agent gets. Yet the design and furnishing of that space is often under-studied and over-looked.

We’ve recently had some studio apartments for sale. Small apartments, with combined living and bedroom spaces. And it’s been interesting to see buyer responses. For many of us, the idea of combining living and sleeping spaces is a struggle. As the desire to stay close to Brisbane’s city grows, along with home prices, we’re been forced to really consider the importance of the size of a home.

So take a minute and watch this video on some fresh design ideas in furnishing. If it saved you $50,000 to $100,000 could you fold your bed away each morning and transform your bedroom back to living space? Would spare beds materialising out of sleek cabinetry in a living room be a better option than a whole room saved for that occasional visiting relative?

Another video tells the story of one New Yorker living in an 8m2 apartment! I couldn’t do it, but what a magical city to have right outside and at a budget price.

Now back to those rooms in your home that you rarely (never?) use. How much could you save by downsizing? One of the most frustrated buyer groups we meet in Brisbane’s inner-city marketplace is the “suburban empty-nester”. These couples come to our open homes, hoping to finally make a lifestyle shift from their half-empty houses to be close to cafes, galleries and the vibrancy of the city. But what stops them? They feel they need at least 3 bedrooms, two living rooms… and more. And they often can’t afford the changeover.

None of us want to feel cramped and compromised in our home. But it’s time we opened up the discussion on how to better use the space we have, and can afford.