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Useful Facts Without Opinions: population growth

Every property commentator watches these stats like a hawk, with resident numbers naturally having a big impact on housing demand – both quantity and type of dwellings. The Australian Bureau of Stats has just released their mid 2012 numbers so here’s our UFWO for this week to help with your own assessment:

• The preliminary estimated resident population (ERP) of Australia at 30 June 2012 was 22,683,600 people. This reflects an increase of 359,600 people since June 2011.

• This was a 12% increase on the previous year’s growth, with most coming from a lift in net overseas migration.

• Queensland’s population grew by 1.9% or 86,000 for the year. Only Victoria (89,000) added more people to their ranks.

• Queensland recorded the highest gains from net interstate migration for the year (11,800 people). Net losses from interstate migration were recorded in New South Wales (18,400 people), Tasmania, South Australia and the NT.

• Over the past 20 years the median age of an Australian has increased by almost 5 years to 37.

• The number of Aussies aged 65 years and over is projected to exceed the number of children aged 0-14 years around the year 2025

• Australia’s population in 2050 is projected to total 34 million. By then India is projected to have displaced China as the most populous country with 1.69 billion people compared with 1.30 billion in China.

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