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Investing in your sale: 3 tips to stand out of the crowd and maximise the price

Tip 1: If you’ve been to a builder’s display home this will immediately make sense to you: Presentation is a very critical part of selling your property. Those builders and developers employ stylists to carefully plan the furnishings and decorate. There’s a reason the couch is placed where it is. The fabrics and colours are deliberate. The decor of the bedrooms is thought through to appeal to the specific target market for this house or apartment. Nothing is left to chance and the result is you and I will walk into a display and say, “wow!”.

But how often do we hear that reaction when home buyers walk into our open homes on a Saturday? Rarely. Here in “second hand real estate land” we don’t have the budgets of a developer selling 100 lots in one project. Agents shy away from asking their seller clients to spend money, lest they choose another salesperson who promises a cheap campaign. So here’s Tip 1: consider staging your home. There’s now some excellent rental packages available with design teams who hand select furnishings for your property.

Have a look at the ‘before and after’ photos below. (Both sets of pics were shot by professional photographers.) We’ve just sold this home and for $4000 (or half of one percent of the home’s value) it was brought to life with a very classy selection of furnishings. The photos captured attention so enquiry was very strong. And we heard “wow” from almost everyone who inspected. It was a great house to start with, but the decorating gave it a personality that set it aside from the crowd.

Tip 2: Many inner-Brisbane homes are rented but if you want to sell your investment you should have it empty. This can be a big “expense” for an owner and we don’t make the recommendation lightly. Most tenants are very helpful and, considering there’s nothing in it for them to have us traipse through their home with a bunch of strangers, we usually get the job done. But we can’t get a buyer through at short notice, presentation is rarely ideal and buyers are less relaxed.

When most of your competitor listings are rented, your clean and empty (ideally staged!) property will have increased appeal. And that will usually more than compensate for the lost income.  Many landlords worry the sale might drag on for months – but our average days on market is currently 36. You’ll know within 4-6 weeks if there’s going to be a sale at a price you’ll be happy with – and if not, you can get it re-rented. Having a deadline for your selling agent’s not a bad thing either!

Tip 3: Do what the others aren’t. Home-sellers tend to follow the crowd. So what are they all doing now, in mid-December? Waiting until after Christmas to go on the market. Buyers are still looking through the holiday break and many actually have more spare time to do their searching. One of the busiest days for our website each year is Boxing Day (full tummy, only cricket on TV….) If you’re ready to sell now, why wait? Yes the busier market will be in January but your buyer might be waiting right now.

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before and after: staging a home for sale

furnishings show how space can be used

stylish furnishings will give a home personality