Highgate Hill, South Brisbane and South Bank, West End

Local population booms… during work hours

The new ABC headquarters. Pic courtesy Brisbane Times

This month’s newsletter from Business South Bank highlights one of those statistics that you can read and miss. One of those snippets of info that you don’t really appreciate until you sit back and consider fully. And here it is:

“In 2007 there were 17,000 office workers in South Brisbane and 900 apartments. In 2012, there are 30,000 office workers and 1,100 apartments.”

So we sat here at our office thinking of the major workplaces that are new to the area. A couple of big towers on Grey Street, a couple more on Melbourne St. The new office buildings on Boundary and down on Montague. The new ABC headquarters. And the heaps and heaps of smaller places that have been converted from under-utilised sheds and warehouses to chocka-block offices – like our very own home of Bees Nees, the Old Boot Factory here in Cordelia Street.

The impact of an additional 13,000 workers coming into the neighbourhood in just 5 years is significant and it’s one of the reasons there’s a coffee shop/window/nook on every street corner. It’s equivalent to a regional Queensland town descending on the area each workday. Local businesses are big benefactors but so too are local property owners as workers look to stay close.

With a lot more land available for office development these next 5 years should be interesting to watch too.