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Landlords unable to evict a tenant?! Please have your say on tenancy act review

Imagine you have a tenant in your investment property, you’re not happy with them, and decide you’d like them to move out at the end of their lease. Imagine then if the legislation said they could stay until they decided they were ready to go. It’s one daunting scenario discussed in the current review of Queensland’s tenancy legislation.

Too many of us are overwhelmed by the information overload that can come with being a landlord, and giving your input on a review of legislation isn’t something you look forward to in your scarce spare time. So Bees Nees will be doing a submission to the Residential Tenancies Authority on their full review that’s underway, and we’d like you to give us your thoughts on key changes.

The discussion paper canvasses a number of topics and the inequitable notice periods are one we’re hoping will change. Currently a landlord must give a tenant 2 months notice to leave without grounds while tenants need only give 2 weeks. It’s unfair and unmanageable and Queensland’s investment owners deserve better. The paper raises this issue for input from all sides, then goes on:

“Some tenant representatives argue that subject to additional grounds being included in the Act, a lessor should not be able to end a tenancy without grounds. Therefore, at the end of a fixed term, the agreement would continue until the tenant gave notice.” We’d hope common sense would prevent this outcome – as a property owner you surely deserve the right to ask someone to leave if you’re unhappy having them live in the property!

But it’s an example of how very knowledgeable and organised lobbying from one sector can gain traction. So landlords, speak up! We’ve blogged about this recently and many of you raised concerns about charging for water use and called for a simpler system. The discussion paper raises some ideas on this but, until the bills come direct from the suppliers to the end-user, there seems little hope we’ll get a worthwhile outcome.

What would you like changed? What improvements to tenancy law would encourage you to buy more investment property? Please take the time to comment or send us an email. We’ll be pleased to put your view to the RTA.