Real Estate Marketing

Photos and privacy

We’re all carrying cameras in our pockets these days so it’s no surprise more and more home buyers choose to take their own pictures when they’re doing an inspection. Before you know it, out comes the smart phone and it’s stills and video of every nook and cranny. We’ve even had full guided tours with the friend/family live on the other end of a FaceTime link.

So if you’re at one of Bees Nees’ open homes and you get asked to tuck the phone away, please don’t be offended. We just happen to think our owners and tenants deserve a little bit of privacy. Yes it’s for sale and yes we usually have heaps of photos online (our agency’s minimum is a professional shoot of 10 pics plus floorplan). But these are organised shoots, prepared with consents. We say it’s never okay to take pictures yourself without asking permission.

Most owners are fine with it once asked. They’ve usually tucked away the Monet and 10 carat sparkly things, taken down their Farrah Fawcett poster. But please ask before you start snapping pics. In the case of tenanted property the answer will almost always be “no” – the tenant may be present and okay but is it a fair request? They’re not benefiting from the sale in any way, and photos are a remarkably fast-moving item once they go online. Would you want your personal belongings posted across the web?