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The laziest real estate agents

Being a real estate agent comes with certain social challenges. People have many preconceptions and, in dealing with their biggest assets, home buyers and sellers should deserve the best possible conduct and service. Where we fail to deliver we deserve to be held accountable. But much as an accountant isn’t expected to crack a joke, there’s a stereotype of real estate agents as lazy and unreliable.

And despite the big reductions in our industry number over the past 2 years there’s unfortunately still a handful amongst us who substantiate the poor public image. This is a buyer’s market in Brisbane right now yet we’re still hearing comment that agents are neglecting to call buyers back when enquiries are made. Even emails are being ignored.

And in amongst this simple laziness are re-tellings of agents who just don’t understand the simple premise that we work to get our seller clients the best possible price. An example? A salesperson who last week met with a buyer in one inner-Brisbane suburb to take their offer on a house. And before hearing what they would pay he advised the buyers that the asking price was going to be reduced. It’s lazy selling and it’s the kind of misguided conduct most Brisbane real estate agents steer well clear of. What might that agent have cost his client?

Technology has given every industry new ways to make their tasks more efficient, but here’s one that lazy agents across the country will lap up: software that will write your advertising for you. Not someone online, in another city or country. Just a computer spitting out rehashed lines. Robot real estate. This automated copywriting has made industry news as a great timesaver. So how would you feel, dear client, when you pay your agent thousands of dollars to market and sell your asset? To take their experience dealing with home buyers and interpret your property’s appeal. To look for the subtle features that will really maximise your sale price. To build an emotional connection and have your place stand out of the crowd. How would you feel if they got the ad from an app?

Selling real estate is not an easy job and most agents take it seriously and work hard for their clients. The rest are the tiny minority that annoy the public and most of us in the industry.