Brisbane's sales market, West End

The latest on the West End real estate market

It’s “steady as she goes” for the West End real estate market at the moment. Sales volumes remain low as few properties are offered to the market, and some buyers hold back waiting in hope that prices will drop further. Across the suburb we can see little sign that’s about to happen with forced sales largely unheard of.

The lift in the median prices of apartments shown in the graph below can largely be attributed to the new project sales happening in two projects – “Riverpoint” and “Water’s Edge”, both completed and their developers keen to wrap up their sales. Overall prices haven’t yet risen but buyer interest in West End continues to grow.

(note: It can take 3 months for sales data to be fully recorded by the government so we produce our graphs 3 months in arrears. This means the stats aren’t as fresh but are fully accurate.)